Top 10 Tips for Choosing a Counsellor in Auckland

You have a problem. Your relationship is falling apart. Your anger is hurting your partner or children. You lack direction in life-unsure of how to make your life better.

In all cases counselling can be a courageous and hugely beneficial step to take. However, choosing the right counsellor for you in a large city such as Auckland can be daunting. Just Googling “Counsellor Auckland” gives over 500,000 results. How is one supposed to take all these results and choose a counsellor that suits you?

This article gives 10 tips for choosing a counsellor in Auckland based on my 17 years of experience as an Auckland counsellor myself. In this time I have met many counsellors that I would not recommend people see. And of course I have met many excellent counsellors. So, how do you choose a counsellor in Auckland?